Why is everyone buying into CBD?

Following the legalisation of CBD in the US last December American Eagle have joined Anthropologie and other retailers in announcing that they will begin selling CBD infused products.

American Eagle plan to launch the range of body care in 500 stores and online in October 2019.

In the next 10 years analysts in the States expect CBD beauty products to be worth $25 billion!

What is CBD and what is the fuss all about?

CBD is short for cannibidiol, it’s a chemical compound from the cannabis plant but it’s a different strain to THC, it has none of the psychoactive effects, so it won’t make you high.

However some of the advertised benefits for CBD are that it improves acne, reduces inflammation, helps skin sensitivity and dryness.

It also claims that it eases aches, soothes stress and helps with anxiety.

How big is the natural beauty market?

CBD beauty products come under the sector of natural beauty, that is products that use natural ingredients instead of strong chemicals.

In 2017 Natural Beauty products generated sales of $1.3 billion, this is five times the amount it made in 2013 according to, US Celebrities have been using CBD products as soon as they became legal in America last December.

Victoria Secrets Model Alessandra Ambrosio uses CBD oil around the time of the show to help ease her anxiety and improve her sleep.

Some of the brands celebrities recommend are Lord Jones and Saint Jane, both of which have high levels of CBD per bottle and also Herbivore.

If you are interested in buying CBD products remember to shop the label, you should be looking for at least 10mg per ml.

If you are looking at introducing CBD products into your range of skincare, all the market research is pointing in that direction so it would definitely be something to consider exploring.

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