Are you rubbing your hands with glee, have everything sorted just waiting for the money to come in or are you panicking hoping that your website won’t crash, wondering how long it will take you to pack all the orders that you will (hopefully) get?

Black Friday is set to be bigger this year than any other year with an extra 10% of consumers planning on taking part this year in the UK versus last year. 

The pandemic has increased the speed at which people are switching to online shopping. 

So instead of battling queues in bricks and mortar stores this year, the whole event for much of the UK will play out on online. 

Here are some tips from me to keep you focused and prepared. 


Start your pre-sales emails early- give your customers teasers of what is coming their way but don’t start the sale conversation too early in case they hold off for weeks on buying items full price. 

Website Audit 

Make sure your website can handle any potential surge in traffic, the last thing you are going to want is to miss out and to let your customers down. Do any necessary checks expect more traffic to your site than last year. 

Sales Drivers

Think about what bundle deals you can offer, now that you have the customer on your website how can you increase their spend. What will motivate them to spend more 


Organise your stock area and fulfilment area, you will need to your orders out quickly so make sure you have your most popular products organised and ready to pack 


Think about how you are going to ship your orders, 

Will you send by customer priority – your most loyal customers first?

Shipping requirements – Those who have paid for fast delivery will need to be sent asap. 

What about the delivery method so they are grouped and fulfilled in one go?

Product type- Group the same product type orders so that you can get a rhythm going and gain speed when packing these orders. 

Don’t forget Thank you!

About 5-7 days after their purchase send a follow up thank you email. 

If they are a new customer how can you entice them to return for full price goods. 

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