In a retail world of CVAs’, redundancies and retailers at risk, have you got the teams in place to make your strategy a reality?

Are your teams experienced enough to realise that vision?

You want to launch new product areas but don’t need a full team working on this yet.

You need a retail consultant to research a project for you and assess its viability and commercial prospects before moving forward.

You need a freelance buyer for a short period of time.

You have got a specific project that you need an experienced buyer/head of buyer to focus on.

You need a fresh pair of eyes to do an audit on your business and advise next steps.

I can increase your sales and profits to increase your bottom line, I have added over £40 million in INCREMENTAL sales to the blue chip businesses I have worked in.

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“Nicole worked for me on footwear and then went on to set up the ps beauty brand at Primark. Her passion for product is outstanding, she is always full of new innovative ideas. Nicole is someone you can rely on to get the job done truly inspirational in anything she does.”

Angela Bannerman

Ladies Buying Director, Primark


Are your buying and design teams/not able to travel to the uk because of covid? I can be your person on the ground in the uk so that your teams still get all the inspiration and information they need.

Are you looking for inspiration? Need reassurance that you have made the right decisions for your ranges/ collections. are you or your teams lacking inspriation for your new ranges because you have not been able to travel. Let me do the research for you in the uk.

I prepare comprehensive reports to your brief with an overview and my own retail insights.

Download photographs by retailer or product type Create video so you get a full 360 degree view of what is in the stores and happening in the uk.

Don’t take my word for it, this is a testimony from Megan head of buying at a South African retailer.

“Nicole is thorough, professional, inspired and an absolute pleasure to deal with. In four days she wrapped up a diverse project, organised information in a focused and clear manner.

Communication was swift and to the point but detailed, giving us the tools and concepts to move forward confidently. I look forward to working with her again.”

Megan Potgieter

Head of Buying, PnP Clothing South Africa


“Nicole worked for me on footwear and then went on to set up the PS Beauty brand at Primark. Her passion for product is outstanding, she is always full of new innovative ideas. Nicole is someone you can rely on to get the job done truly inspirational in anything she does.”

Angela Bannerman, Ladieswear Buying Director, Primark

“I worked with Nicole during her time in Primark beauty she had vision and long term strategies built in to her DNA, she accessed product projects, both scope and efficiencies and brought them  to reality quickly.”

Majella Tompkins, Senior Commercial Manager, L’Oreal

Nicole has an entrepreneurial spirit and an eye for detail. She is incredibly astute and has a lot to offer any company in terms of commercial thinking and setting & achieving objectives. On a personal level, Nicole is very engaging and easy to talk to. I would recommend Nicole to any team or organization.

Siobhan Murray, Owner, 23 The Agency 

When I’m working on a product brand I know I can count on Nicole’s expertise. Her extensive knowledge is a must for bigger brands and entrepreneurs alike. Nicole makes it her mission to get their product to
market on their terms. Having Nicole by your side throughout the process is a must for product brands, she has a no nonsense approach, delivers every time and is great fun to work with.

Deborah O’Grady, Owner, The Brand Coach

“Nicole is passionate, creative and knows her stuff when it comes to products, customers and business. I first met Nicole when we launched Cocoa Brown into Primark in 2013 a few months after I started the business. Her insight into what the customer wanted helped drive new development for CB products that then went on to become great successes. She is dynamic, motivational and strategic with an entrepreneurial spirit and is a great ally to have on your side”


Marissa Carter, CEO and Founder of Cocoa Brown Tan and Carter Beauty.


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