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Want to start and scale your product business?

Do you want to start your brand in 2022 

Take the stress out of starting a brand with this online 12 week Live Course full of everything you need to know and that no matter how hard try you won’t find it on google. 

My guest experts and I  will help you start and scale your product business with confidence.

Nicole Higgins - The Buyer and Retail Coach

Want to start and scale your product business?

Do you want to start your brand in 2022 

Take the stress out of starting a brand with this online 12 week Live Course full of everything you need to know and that no matter how hard try you won’t find it on google. 

My guest experts and I  will help you start and scale your product business with confidence.

How to start scale and succeed with your product business in 2022

This course goes through all the steps you need to start your business and to scale it with clear steps, workbooks and templates on how to do this.

It’s time to stop thinking, scrolling, googling and start doing.

If not now then when?

When the kids are older?

When you have more money?

More time?

You know there is never a perfect time.

However, with this course, you will make the best use of your time and catapult you on your journey to starting and scaling your business with my support.

In 12 weeks I’ll take through the programme with Live sessions and additional Q&A sessions so that there is plenty of time for you to think about your business, your customers, your products and avoid overwhelm and keep moving forwards towards your goals

Want to start your own product business but don’t know how?

There is not a course out there that covers all the elements of setting up your brand from sourcing & building a range to Instagram, PR and the legal basics that you need to know and that’s only some of what this course covers.

After completing this course, you’ll feel confident and clear and have all the steps needed to develop, brand, manufacture, launch, promote, and wholesale your own product business.

And as the course runs over 12 weeks you will have plenty of time to ask me questions during our dedicated fortnightly Q&A sessions.

I’ve spent 18 years working in buying, developing products across multiple categories from lingerie & Nightwear, footwear & accessories, homewares, fashion & health & beauty so weathers its bras, bags, candles, kidswear or cosmetics, I can help you.

I’ll go through branded, own brand, wholesale, made to order options, literally everything you need.

Once you’ve started I’ll be checking in before we start what product area you are interested in so that I can offer specific examples of what I am talking about in the sessions.

This course will be your go-to with workbooks, & templates that you can refer to whenever you need not just whilst you are doing the course but at any point you need to refer back to them in the future.

The sessions are Live and will be recorded for you to watch and listen to again if you need to.

You don’t need to prepare anything, just bring you and your drink of choice and a notebook and pen to the session.

Oh, and did I mention there will be a private supportive Facebook group for those that sign up to the Start, Scale Succeed course.

So I want to ask you have you ever thought of any of the below?

Does this sound like you?


You’ve been dreaming of leaving your corporate job and starting your business that you have been thinking about for years.


You want to create a business so that you can live and work on your terms and balance it around your family.


You are afraid of selling your brand on social media and lack the confidence to be the face of your brand


You don’t want to tell anyone you want to start a business as you are worried what they might think


You’ve spent hours on google but you are getting overwhelmed with all the information and don’t know how to start or which route to follow.


You’ve started a business on the side but you want to turn a hobby into something that really makes money and can be a success.


You have the ideas and you may have even found a manufacturer but what do you do now!


You don’t know if you can do this, don’t you need to have fashion experience to start a brand (the answer is no BTW)


You are not really sure what your brand stands for and how you can stand out.


You don’t feel confident about it, and you are not sure who would buy your products and if you would sell any!!


You’d love to create a brand and a business that one day you’ll see on in (insert your favourite department store here!)


You want to start a side hustle but need to do something that is manageable alongside your existing job,

Now imagine this

You now work for yourself and have more freedom to live and plan your life how you want

You are so passionate about what you are doing that you can’t believe you didn’t do it sooner

You are so secure and confident about your brand and your business that you talk about it freely and openly.

You have improved your confidence and are actually getting used to being visible on social media.

You have a logical plan in place, you know where you are going and what you are doing and when you are going to get there.

You’ve turned a side hustle into a successful business and the money is flowing to you.

 You are learning all the time and feel comfortable and confident that you can do this.

You have a community that you can turn to whenever you need support & advice

Your business is a success and you are having meetings with retailers about stocking your brand!!


Now I mentioned Guest Experts and I have 4 amazing women that will be joining the sessions Live and you will have time to ask them questions too!

Check them out!!!


Roo Davies, The Mojo Coach

An award-winning coach and a member of the Association for Coaching.

Her coaching expertise is combined with 20 years working in marketing which means she has a unique blend of strategic know-how, experience and mentoring when it comes to business coaching.


Fiona Minett, Boss your PR 

Fiona is a PR coach and expert with over 10 years experience in PR and that includes running her own agency.

She has worked with VOGUE, ELLE, The Times, The Guardian, Ideal Home and is an Enterprise Nation Top 5 PR Adviser.


Babs Jamieson, Jamieson  Law

​​Babs is qualified in England, Scotland, Ireland, New York and California, and advises on a wide range of corporate and commercial law matters.

Babs believes that all legal advice should be easy to understand, straightforward and easy to apply.


Kat Rose, Sharp Fox Social 

Kat Rose from Sharp Fox Social is an Instagram expert particularly focused on  small businesses and helping them grow.

Isn’t that amazing? And now for the detail…

It’s 12 weeks in total but that includes 2 weeks implementation over Christmas for you to review where you are, what you’ve learnt and have a well earned cocktail!!!

Week 1

8th November

Creating a confident Mindset Guest Expert Session with Roo Davies 

Monday Live session

Course introduction 

Joined by Roo Davis the moo coach 

Strategies to build confidence

Techniques to stretch out of your comfort zone 

Confidence workbook 

Q&A with Roo

Week 2

15th November

Exploring your big idea 

Monday Live session

Exploring your big idea 

Discovering your purpose 

Who is your customer 

Competitor & Market research 

Goal Setting 

90 day plan 

Workbook & templates 

Friday 1pm Live Q&A

Week 3

22nd November

Creating your branding & brand identity 

Monday Live Session

Exploring brand values 

Fonts/ colour palettes to tone of voice. 

Ensuring your brand is aligned with your ideal customer and where you want to position your brand

Week 4

29th November

Sourcing & Manufacture

Monday Live Session

Focusing on your supply base what you need, where to find them what to ask them,

Understanding pricing & quantities you may need and going into detail on where you can find. I will also be sharing contacts from 18 years in the indusrty

Friday 1pm Live Q&A

Week 5

6th December

Growing your brand with Instagram with Kat Rose

Monday Live Session Joined by Instagram Expert, Kat Rose to help you start & grow your brand on Instagram

What’s working now

The must haves

How to engage your audience

Workbook offering

Week 6

13th December

Monday Live session

What makes a good range /collection

Creating a pricing structure for your range

Ensuring collections/ranges are right for your customer

Creating a profitable range – looking at margins and costings

Friday Live Q&A

Week 7 & 8

20th & 29th December

Implementation Weeks 

This is your opportunity to review all the material, go over anything that you have missed and get together any additional questions you may have for me and of course to have a lovely Christmas!

Week 9

3rd Jan 

Introduction to wholesale 

Monday Live Session

Welcome back

Introduction to wholesale what you need to have in place when thinking about wholesale and pitching to retailers.

Workbook & templates

Friday 1pm Live Q&A

Week 10

10th January 2022

Pitching you & your business to the Press with Fiona Minett

Monday Live session 

Joined by Guest Expert Fiona Minett Boss your PR Expert

Get you and your business PR ready, Everything you need to have in place to approach journalists and to pitch

Workbook  & templates included

Week 11

17th January 2022

Getting all your legals in place for your business 

Monday Live session

Joined by Guest legal expert Babs Jamieson

Making sure you and your business are protected.

Understand what legal basics you need to have in place from trademarking to insurance.  Q&A with Babs during the session. Workbook & Downloads for reference

Friday 1pm Live Q&A

Week 12

24th January 2022

Final week – Launching your brand & course end celebration. 

Monday Live Session

Steps to help you launch your brand with success.

Goal review and reset

Friday 1pm Final Live Q&A & Celebration!!

“Nicole gave me Focus and also belief in myself and my project in that I had something commercially viable. She really helped shape my product range now and into the future. Nicole helped me with all of the detail around product development and social media marketing. As a start up I am going to be doing everything myself Nicole is a huge support and really helped me to hold myself accountable.”

Anne Marie Sharkey, Founder Little Cove kids

“Working with Nicole has been great, she’s so professional and knowledgable that I was able to learn so much about sourcing and planning that I didn’t know before.”


Lucy Haslam

Founder , Acorn & Pip

“Working alongside you Nicole has allowed me to clearly define my brand vision and values. There is work to be done, but we’re there is work, there are also opportunities and growth and I am so very excited to implement all your advice.’

Lynsey Mohawk

Founder , Mohawk Clothing

“Nicole is dynamic & direct and has shown so much passion for our products. She is full of creative ideas and has been instrumental in developing our product strategy”


Loretta Milan

Founder , Original life co Stationary

“Working with Nicole has been invaluable for me and my new business. Her expertise and knowledge is second to none. Nicole is very easy to work with and her experience in retail shines through. Her advise is very informative and you can easily see the vast business experience Nicole has. Getting my product to market is currently my biggest challenge and Nicole had some great strategies which I am now implementing. I am very grateful to Nicole and will definitely be working with her again.”


Sharon Matthews, Founder, Willow & Green interiors

Nicole Higgins - The Buyer and Retail Coach

Hi I’m Nicole

I’m a global retail & buying expert and I’m absolutely obsessed with helping you and your business achieve your full potential, giving you knowledge and confidence by sharing my experience and expertise of 18 years working as a buyer in retail for brands such as Debenhams, Marks & Spencers, Primark, George, Warehouse.

I’ve worked on several product categories fashion, homewares, kids, footwear & accessories, Lingerie and I set up the Health & Beauty department at Primark.
My promise to you, Together we have got this, I work with you so that you have the knowledge, confidence and clarity to continue on your business journey.

After being in the industry and working 1:1 with clients I know what tools you need to help you start and grow.

“One of the best investments I’ve made in my business was to work with Nicole. I’m delighted that I found her, she is a gem! She helped with many aspects of the business from branding to range building and dealing with retailers. It was like having an expert in my back pocket with accountability to reach my goals. I feel empowered and proud to launch my business knowing that she has given me the tools, support and expertise to make my dream a reality.”


Anne Marie Boyhan, Founder The Sleep Care co

“Nicole is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to retail. I needed that independent view point from someone who had more knowledge than I had to take a deep dive in to my business and help make a growth plan. Being a business owner its easy to loose direction. Having someone to help get you back on track was invaluable”

Annie Richmond

Founder , BBCO headwear

“Her passion, energy and product knowledge is outstanding, she is always full of innovative ideas and has taught me so many new skills”




Sharleen Collins

Founder , Sharleen Collins

Her insight into what customers wanted helped drive cocoa brown products that went on to become great successes. She is dynamic, motivational and is a great ally to have. “


Marissa Carter

Founder , Carter Beauty Cosmetics & Cocoa Brown


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Join the start scale succeed 12 week programme now


That’s ok, book in a call with me here and let’s chat about it.

You have questions. I have answers.

If you have any questions then send me a DM on IG here or book a call here, or take a look at the FAQ below.

What is it?

A 12 week programme,  starting the 8th November and running until 24th January (with 2 weeks off at Christmas for you to implement what you have learnt and of course have some cocktails, Each week has a live session Monday at 7.30pm  held by me or a guest expert covering all aspects that you need in your business. There will be fortnightly live Q&A session on Fridays at 1pm.  You will be sent recordings so if you miss a session don’t worry you can catch up in your own time.

Who is the course for?

Anyone who wants to start a product business branded or own brand in any category and those who have already started but are feeling lost and need direction and support.

Who are the guest experts ?

Roo Davies – Mindset & Confidence Coach 

Babs Jamieson legal expert 

Fiona Minett – Pr expert 

? ?- Instagram expert

What do I need ?

Just enthusiasm to learn and commit the time to yourself and your business oh and a notebook & Pen.

Will there be workbooks to follow?

Yes there will be workbooks for you to follow and templates where needed for each topic.

Where will it be?

Its held on zoom both the live sessions and the Q&A and you can access everything in a special dedicated members site.

How much time will the course take ?

The session on Monday will be an hour and the  Live Q&A fortnightly will be 30-45 mins. The time spent on your business is up to you and you can work it around your existing commitments.

What will I learn?

It really covers everything you need to get your started and focused on your business I’ve listed again all the modules and detail for you here

What if I can’t make the LIVE Q&A calls?

Don’t worry these will be recorded and also there is private facebook group so I or a member of the group will be able to answer a question you post in there just put #asknicole before the questions.

What if I want to work with you 1:1 as well?

Yes of course that’s possible For the people that attend the course they can book a power hour at £197 that’s only currently available to those on the course.

Or a 90 minute strategy session at £450 or a strategy day at £1227.



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