How do you manifest the life and business that you want?

Chloe Slade is a Manifestation and Mindset Coach, and founder of Vibe & Flow. Chloe joined me on podcast episode 56 to share what manifestation is, how it works, and how you can use manifestation to attract success for your business.

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of bringing your desires into reality through focused thought, feeling, action and belief. In other words, what occupies your mind the most and what actions you take will ultimately create your results.

This may sound mystical, but it’s rooted in science. Our brains are wired to filter out most stimuli and only focus on what matters to us based on our dominant thoughts and beliefs. By intentionally directing your focus, you “program” your brain to see more opportunities related to your goals.

How Manifestation Works

The Power of Manifestation: Attracting Success for Your Business

The Law of Attraction states that you attract more of whatever you focus on. If you focus on lack and scarcity, you get more lack. If you focus on abundance and prosperity, you attract more of that into your life.

Additionally, visualization and acting “as if” you already have what you want trains your brain to see the opportunities you need to achieve your desire. Want more clients? Visualize meeting with delighted clients and block off time in your calendar for them. This raises your vibe and energy to match what you wish to attract.

Manifestation for Product Business Owners

As a product business owner trying to attract more sales and customers, manifestation combined with strategic action puts you on the fast track.

Here are some tips:

  • State affirmations every day related to ideal customers and sales flowing in easily
  • Visualize your website traffic, customers getting excited about your products
  • Act as if everyone visiting your site has already purchased or will purchase
  • Express gratitude for current customers and the excitement of anticipated sales
  • Take aligned action like getting a sales page ready assuming high demand

Example affirmations could include:

“My soulmate customers easily discover and resonate with my products.”


“I consistently expand my audience which naturally results in increased sales.”


“My customers are loving what I’m creating and are excited to purchase.”

Gratitude raises your vibration so you attract more of what you appreciate. Thank ideal customers for purchasing and use the excitement of anticipated sales to fuel action.

When obstacles arise like lower website traffic, reframe it positively and choose empowering interpretations over doubt and lack. Meet resistance with “by no authority” and rewrite the story.

Manifestation takes consistent focus and belief in yourself, which grows as you achieve small wins. With deliberate attention and mindset shifts, you can remove resistance, gain momentum, and manifest the business you’ve always envisioned.

For more in depth information listen to the full podcast episode here.

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